Service Centers: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a parts list?

Parts breakdowns are emailed or faxed upon request. To request a parts diagram, simply email us direct at You can also fax your model number and brand request to 817-442-5402.

How much do you pay for service repairs?

For authorized repairs, AWS pays your posted shop rate, as listed in your application. For instances where the repair cost will exceed the product value, AWS pays your posted diagnostic charge. Each authorized repair is preapproved for one hour at your posted shop rate. If additional time is required to complete a repair, the service center should contact AWS for approval first.

How do I get paid and do you require a special claim form?

  1. AWS will accept your normal customer invoice forms. Please ensure you are only charging for authorized repair time. Unauthorized charges will cause delays in the payment process.
  2. We will mail you a company check within 30 business days of receipt of your invoice for approved repairs.

Does AWS pay for pick up and delivery?

No we do not. All warranty repairs are in-shop only. Customers are responsible for any pickup or delivery charges if they are unable to bring in their units.

How long does it take to get parts?

Parts are supplied by the manufacturer and stocked in our Grapevine, Texas facility with most parts being shipped out same day. This allows our service centers to not have to inventory additional parts, nor do they get stuck with obsolete parts down the road. The postive is that we can control the time frame for receiving parts. Over 85% of the functional parts are stocked by AWS which speeds up the process and parts should take no longer than 3-5 days depending on your location.

Can I get parts from you for other products?

Yes, you can. Feel free to contact us for all of your import engine parts needs.